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Small Business Coaching what you looking for?  Read down below to see how you can try mine FREE.

Hey, I’m Bennie Carter – Small Business Coach and self-made online entrepreneur.

I like to keep it real.

I love sharing with others how I’m making money online with a simple blog (like this one here), so they can go out and do exactly the same.

Why reinvent the wheel you know?

I feel we should all not just chase…but actually catch our dreams.


When looking for a small business coach, you’re looking for someone who can get you results right?

Here’s what one of my business partners has been able to achieve.


Thousands of dollars in just a matter of weeks!

And he’s using the same exact methods I’ll be sharing with you.


This was a post left for me on one of my blog post from a very satisfied client.

We worked together offline a bit and now she’s been getting blown up with new customers.

Now of course these results are exceptional, and if you’d like to achieve something similar, you’re going to need to have an exceptional attitude.

A great coach doesn’t hurt either. ;D

Is Small Business Coaching For Me?

Small-Business-ConsultingDid Micheal Jordan or GSP train themselves?

The highest paid stars/athletes of our time all share at least one thing in common.

To hone their skills, they realized that they were going to need a coach.

So what exactly can a coach do for you?

1.) Speed Up Your Results.

And that’s if you were going to get results at all.

You see the vast majority of people looking to make money with a small business actually never make any money at all.

And those that do usually spend years banging their head against the wall, until finally after relentless persistence they eventually figure things out.

With a coach, you shorten that learning curve and start making money a lot faster than if you were to wing it alone.

2.) Accountability

It’s so simple to slack off when no one is there watching you.  It’s also just as easy to set aside time to work, but most of that time is spent on tasks that aren’t making you any money.

Ever find yourself stuck on Facebook for a while?

That’s what a coach is for.

Kind of like a sports coach would do for his athletes, I’ll be there to give you your diet plan.

You’ll have a schedule with all of the tasks you need to complete and when they need to be done.

And if you’re ever slacking or in need of motivation, I’ll be right there to lend a helping hand and get you on the right track.

Isn’t that what a friend is for?

3.) Proven Systems

To put it quite simply, focus on what’s working, and skip what doesn’t.

In the year 2000 and beyond, the internet is one of the best ways to generate more customers for your business.

Whether that’s generating more sales for your typical brick and mortar business, or generating more leads and sales for your home based business.

Most people without a coach usually fall victim to the disease of focusing on what isn’t working.

It’s kind of like running east looking for a sunset.

A coach is there to tell you “Hey, turn around buddy, the sun sets in the west.”

Now that’s the perfect example of  a coach plugging you into a profitable system.

Plugging into the right one is absolutely critical to your success.

It just so happens my personal, simple to implement system not only gives fantastic results, but uses the internet to make Google my personal slave.

Some People Just Aren’t Ready

Are You ReadyTo be completely honest with you, not everyone is ready for a coach.  If you’re serious, there should be a few questions that you ask yourself.

1.) How hungry are you?

If you’ve read my story then you can understand just how hungry I was.

(Begging for change hungry lol)

That’s what it’s going to take to really see success.

I can give you the best coaching in the world, but it won’t do anything for you if you treat making money like a hobby.

How bad do you really want this?

And if you’re nothing short of starving, and can feel the flames of passion burning inside your soul, then small business coaching just may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

2.) Do you have the time?

The whole goal here is to escape the long grueling hours of the rat race, so I’m not asking for much here.

Usually 1-3 focused hours most days of the week is all I ask.

But if your schedule is packed, you’ve got loved ones to take care of, and can only give a couple of hours every month, then small business coaching just may not be for you.

This isn’t some magical button, where with a few clicks you’re set for life.

It takes time, and there are some things you’re going to have to learn.  If you aren’t willing to put in the work, how in the hell do you expect to get the results?

3.) Are you motivated?

Now this is a big one.  What are the driving forces that will cause you to take massive action to see your dreams come to fruition?

(Well Bennie, I’d love a new TV for my living room.)

Uhh…try again.

I mean real motivation.  Like never having to see your family work again, or finally being able to quit that job you hate so much.

Maybe even taking your entire family on an all expense paid vacation because your just boss like that. :D

If you’re lacking in motivation, then it’s going to be extremely difficult to take action, and with no action it’s pretty damn impossible to move forward.

Ever try to win a race standing still?

Don’t worry I did, and it didn’t turn out so well.

Picking The Right Small Business Coach

The Right CoachWhen picking a small business coach, we usually want to know if they’re credible or not.

Do they have a blog or website you can regularly check out?

Do they have pictures and videos that allow you to step into their life, and see if you vibe?

Can you get in contact with them?

If not then is that really the coach for you?

I used to hate taking photos, and I was terrified of getting in front of a video camera.

But it was necessary if I wanted to reach out and help more people.

Now I absolutely love it!

I love updating everyone with what’s going on in my life, and I love to share what I’ve been learning.

I guess you could say that I’m an open book.  And that’s what it takes.

I want to be as transparent as possible, I have nothing to hide and welcome everyone with open arms.

Hell, I even let you try my coaching for free just to let you get a feel for what it is we’ll be doing together.

I don’t know anyone else who’s willing to give like that.

I Won’t Be Anyone’s Coach

I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I don’t “need” to do this.

I “want” to do this from the bottom of my heart.

I know what it’s like to struggle.  To continue to push forward even when you don’t know if you’re moving in the right direction.

Because of that I’ve built up some thick skin and won’t accept anyone who is going to waste my time and disrespect what I bring to the table as a whole.

I know for a fact and from experience that I can help other entrepreneurs transform their lives in ways they never thought possible.

To do that though it takes a little bit of time and commitment even on my part and I won’t accept anyone who sucks to be around.

No whiners, complainers, excuse makers, victims of society, or anyone with a failure type of mindset.

I only work with people who are cool to talk to.

Try My Luxury Coaching For Free

Doesn’t “luxury” just sound so cool?

I thought that I would throw in this YouTube video.

Who doesn’t love a pizza hut pizza with pepperoni, chicken, jalapenos, and stuffed crust?

To try my luxury coaching for free, you can either click on the link in the video, or click here.

What do the world’s top performers, athletes, and stars all have in common again?

It’s that to reach that level of success, they realized that they were going to need a coach.

I’m just like you, I’ve struggled, sometimes didn’t know if things were gonna work out, but stayed committed until the light at the end of the tunnel became the sun on a white sand filled beach.

If what I had to say interested you in the slightest, then go ahead and try my luxury coaching free of charge.

You’ll be sorry if you didn’t.

You know that little voice that’s telling you to click, I’d listen to it.  It’s your good side talking.

-Bennie Carter

“Started From The Bottom”

About the author: Hey, I’m Bennie. I created this site to help young entrepreneurs discover ways to start their own business online, and finally live the life of freedom and luxury that your average 9-5 can’t provide. It’s time to kill that job of yours.

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